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A Very Thirsty Aloe Pup

Here’s a little Aloe offset that got a little too forgotten in the greenhouse. If I posted this in almost any plant group on FB, the number one answer for what’s wrong with this plant would be “it’s sunburned”. I’d even get that answer in some of the Aloe groups, the “indirect light only/they hate direct sun” advice has made its way into those too. But this was in the greenhouse, out of strong direct sunlight (and none of these symptoms look like real sunburn anyway, except maybe the leaf tips.) The curled leaves, crispy leaf tips and dull stress color are all signs of thirst. And don’t worry, it got a good drench after I took these photos!

A week or so later after a couple good soaks
This is sunburn.

Published by AloeHoarder

I live in Houston, Texas and have been interested in and collecting Aloe plants since 2008, my first Aloe was the “chinensis” variety that I got from my mom in 2006. I am autistic and an English major. Aloes are my “special interest”.

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