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Another Aloe Growing Condition Experiment

Aloe vera var. chinensis, different growing conditions

So I took this photo of these two plants before the winter storm of February 2021. The plant in front had been growing on the front porch with little direct sun and occasionally squirts from the hose for about a year. The back one in full sun and exposed to the rain. Both in super gritty soil mixes, same size/age when I separated them. I realized looking back through these photos the other day that only one of these plants is still alive. I had both of these plants in my greenhouse that I tried to keep heated during the freeze, but the power went out on the coldest night and it dropped to 26F inside the greenhouse (it was 10F outside.) The one in the front is the one that melted..the one grown without direct sun. The one grown “rough” survived.

The surviving “chinensis” plant more recently
My oldest “chinensis” also survived the did all of my “regular” vera plants. Full sun FTW.

Don’t baby your Aloes! Give them what they want..LOTS of sun, well draining planting medium and water well but infrequently…and they’ll grow stronger. These plants are tougher than the rep their popularity as a houseplant has given them.


Published by AloeHoarder

I live in Houston, Texas and have been interested in and collecting Aloe plants since 2008, my first Aloe was the “chinensis” variety that I got from my mom in 2006. I am autistic and an English major. Aloes are my “special interest”.

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