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Varieties of Aloe Hybrids

Most normal (whatever that is lol), non-obsessive people aren’t really aware of just how many different hybrids there are. They all often get lumped into “oh, that’s a Christmas Aloe”, even by some of the nurseries selling them. Or now that Altman’s is selling a few of them under the Star Aloe label, they are ALL now Star Aloes. Which is fine for some. Fantasy Aloes, complex hybrids, Star Aloes, whatever. They are hard to ID and many can look very similar, even for those of us that collect them. And care isn’t going to vary a whole lot between cultivars. Maybe one of those common names is better than them being mislabeled…when you google a hybrid name you’ll get a bunch of different plants because of people guessing at the names of them, and that definitely doesn’t help with identification for those that are interested in what their plant’s cultivar name is. I have another post with comparisons and ID tips, this will just basically be a photo dump of the different hybrids I have to give an idea of just a few of the many (MANY) hybrids out there. And these are just ones easy to get in the US.

White Lightning
Key Lime
Fang (aka Carmine or Marco)
Brass Hat
Silver Ridge
Bright Star (aka Donnie)
Delta Rose
Corduroy without stress color
Lizard Lips
Lizard Lips
Green Sand
White Fox
Jimmy/Little Gator
Pink Blush
Also Pink Blush
Delta Lights
Moondance (?)
Mauna Kea
Pink Thing
Pink Thing with a little more color
Guido (aka Silver Star)
Quicksilver (?)
Coral Fire
Purple Haze
Christmas Carol
Christmas Sleigh
Lavender Star II
Diablo/Zigzag/divaricata hybrid
Pearl Necklace aka Sal
Snow Drift
Dark Shadows
Orange Marmalade
Altman Plants/KG’s ‘Blue Castilloniae hybrid’
Blue Castilloniae
Mauna Loa
Mauna Loa sport
Jurassic Dragon
Crimson Dragon
Pickled Pink
DZ (very commonly sold mislabeled as Christmas Carol)
Unnamed Stefan Uyehara Hybrid
Unnamed, either Tim Harvey or Stefan Uyehara hybrid, I can’t remember
Both ‘Oik’, different growing conditions
Delta Lights
Delta Rose
Coral Fire
Cherry Bomb
Delta Dawn
Purple People Eater
Neon Nici

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now…just a tiny glimpse into the variety of named Aloe hybrids out there (there are unnamed ones too.) I have more photos on my Facebook page (Jenn M Smith – Plants) and on IG (aloehoarder)


Published by AloeHoarder

I live in Houston, Texas and have been interested in and collecting Aloe plants since 2008, my first Aloe was the “chinensis” variety that I got from my mom in 2006. I am autistic and an English major. Aloes are my “special interest”.

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