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Aloe hybrids – ‘Sidewinder’

Patent and parentage info –,979

Sidewinder is an older Kelly Griffin hybrid being sold under the Star Aloe label from Altman Plants, though it is probably one of the easier ones to find elsewhere. It’s a larger growing hybrid whose parentage includes Sunrise, Delta Lights and Neon Lights.

Younger plant. Fairly distinct pattern, definitely can see the Delta Lights influence here. And Delta Lights is a deltoideodonta hybrid, so that’s probably where the wide leaves come from.
Stress color
Large clump I found last year
Raised texture, chunky teeth

Published by AloeHoarder

I live in Houston, Texas and have been interested in and collecting Aloe plants since 2008, my first Aloe was the “chinensis” variety that I got from my mom in 2006. I am autistic and an English major. Aloes are my “special interest”.

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