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Aloe hybrids – ‘Pink Blush’

An older, very common, but still very nice Kelly Griffin hybrid. Probably my first hybrid, and I still have offsets from that first plant that I got in 2009-2010. Prolific, great bloomer, takes tons of heat and sun like a champ, nice color even when not completely stressed…and it is definitely aptly named! This andContinue reading “Aloe hybrids – ‘Pink Blush’”

Repotting Rootbound Aloe Pups

Rootbound plants dry out faster and benefit from more regular watering. The idea that Aloes prefer being rootbound/kept in smaller pots comes from people having more success growing them indoors (without adequate light) and in poor draining soils if they keep them in smaller pots…because larger ones will hold more water and lead to rotContinue reading “Repotting Rootbound Aloe Pups”

Aloe hybrids – ‘Night Sky’ aka ‘Starry Night’

The hybrid that was originally being sold as ‘Starry Night’ has now been patented and is being sold as ‘Night Sky’. It is an Altman Plants hybrid created by Renee O’Connell, hybridizer of ‘Alligator’, ‘Crimson Dragon’ and ‘Pickled Pink’. I really like this hybrid. It’s a “stick out in the yard in full sunContinue reading “Aloe hybrids – ‘Night Sky’ aka ‘Starry Night’”

Aloe hybrids – ‘Alligator’

Shoutout to Mr. Steven from People B Planting for inspiring this post. Petty story time at the bottom, let’s get into the details about ‘Alligator’ first. ‘Alligator’ is an Altman Plants hybrid, created by Renee O’Connell. Patent link – It started showing up in the big box stores around the same time as aContinue reading “Aloe hybrids – ‘Alligator’”

Haworthiopsis attenuata vs. fasciata

Yes, I do like plants other than Aloes lol…I figured I’d jump in and make my own post on this mess of a subject too. I haven’t gotten too much into Haworthia & Haworthiopsis, at least as far as studying them more intently, but I have ended up with quite a few different varieties. HowContinue reading “Haworthiopsis attenuata vs. fasciata”

Aloe hybrids – ‘Lizard Lips’

Probably one of the first hybrids I bought when I started getting into succulents and Aloes. Not as interesting to some probably, since it’s not super showy in color or texture compared to some of the other complex hybrids, but it’s a great clumper and bloomer. And I like the color and texture/pattern 🤷‍♀️ ‘LizardContinue reading “Aloe hybrids – ‘Lizard Lips’”

Aloe hybrids – ‘Fragilis’

Not an Altman’s Star Aloe, but a somewhat common one since Mountain Crest Gardens and a couple other popular nurseries sell it. Figured I’d post about it to clear up the confusing name, since it is misleading…’Fragilis’ is what it’s sold as, but fragilis is a species and it’s unlikely it has anything to doContinue reading “Aloe hybrids – ‘Fragilis’”

Aloe hybrids – ‘Sidewinder’

Patent and parentage info –,979 Sidewinder is an older Kelly Griffin hybrid being sold under the Star Aloe label from Altman Plants, though it is probably one of the easier ones to find elsewhere. It’s a larger growing hybrid whose parentage includes Sunrise, Delta Lights and Neon Lights.

Aloe hybrids – ‘Purple People Eater’

Since there isn’t always a lot of good info online when people want to look up a name they are given for their hybrids (or look up what name is on the pot), I thought I’d start posting mine all individually with photos and whatever info I have of them…and hopefully that will come upContinue reading “Aloe hybrids – ‘Purple People Eater’”