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Haworthiopsis attenuata vs. fasciata

Yes, I do like plants other than Aloes lol…I figured I’d jump in and make my own post on this mess of a subject too. I haven’t gotten too much into Haworthia & Haworthiopsis, at least as far as studying them more intently, but I have ended up with quite a few different varieties. HowContinue reading “Haworthiopsis attenuata vs. fasciata”

Aloe vera – Growing Conditions Experiment

I got a bunch of free vera plants last year, so I stuck one on the front porch to see how it would do. Here is how the plant changed, going from getting a lot of good sun where it lived before I got it, to spending almost a year without much direct sun andContinue reading “Aloe vera – Growing Conditions Experiment”

My Basics for Aloe Care

Each Aloe species is different and may require more specific care, and things like your growing environment also should be considered. In general, my top three pieces of advice are – 1. Use a fast draining soil mix. Bagged potting soil is too organic and does not drain well enough. Even most of the onesContinue reading “My Basics for Aloe Care”


This will be a space where I continue what I do on Instagram and Facebook, which is create (hopefully) helpful content on growing, identifying and caring for Aloe plants, as well as sharing my collection and experiences. There is a great deal of misinformation on the internet, not only just in general, but regarding AloeContinue reading “Welcome..”