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Aloe hybrids – ‘Lizard Lips’

Probably one of the first hybrids I bought when I started getting into succulents and Aloes. Not as interesting to some probably, since it’s not super showy in color or texture compared to some of the other complex hybrids, but it’s a great clumper and bloomer. And I like the color and texture/pattern 🤷‍♀️

‘Lizard Lips’ is a John Bleck hybrid, and most sources have it’s parentage listed as (Aloe descoingsii x Aloe calcairophila) x Aloe bellatula. I bought the large clump above labeled as a Star Aloe from Altman’s, though it said it was Kelly Griffin’s ‘Guido’ (aka ‘Silver Star’), not ‘Lizard Lips’. That hybrid has a different pattern and mine blushes more pink than brown.

Small pointed teeth, distinctive pattern. Somewhat rough/bumpy texture.
Blooms..not very distinct as far as hybrid flowers go IMO. Best way to ID hybrids is with their other characteristics.
Pups..very prolific hybrid
Winter/thirst stress color

Pretty easy going hybrid, would do well indoors if you can provide a good grow light, or outdoors in full sun. No Aloe is going to thrive in low light or indirect light. Check out my care guides for more info. Here is one –


Published by AloeHoarder

I live in Houston, Texas and have been interested in and collecting Aloe plants since 2008, my first Aloe was the “chinensis” variety that I got from my mom in 2006. I am autistic and an English major. Aloes are my “special interest”.

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